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phpMyPassion vs. com - What’s the Difference? vs. is one of the major question’s users have whenever they are becoming a part of it. If you are a beginner and have no idea about both of them, there is nothing for you to worry about. Here we will be going to present a detailed guide that will help you to get an idea about and Wordpress.Com in detail. vs. com

It is common knowledge for users of that and are completely different beasts. While is an open-source blog management platform that users can freely install on their own hosting, is a premium service offered by You can host your site but it is a hosted platform. Now we will see each and. Com definition and pros and cons of each platform.

Read More: WordPress Interview Questions and Answers is the tool that allows you to self-host WordPress CMS platform. It is acting as open-source software and is free to use for everyone. A user just requires a domain name and web hosting. One can easily consider it as a self-hosted WordPress because of these factors.

Advantages of

Certain advantages which let users for choosing the same are as follows:-

        It is free to use, easy to use, and open-source.

        The user has access to all the data, and it is related to their own website.

        There will be no technical glitches that arise on the site may turn off because someone decided against the terms of service.

        A user can add all the plugins, either they are paid or unpaid, or custom.

        Customization of website design can be done easily.

        All the things can be added to it.

        A user can easily make money from the WordPress site they are making.

        Google Analytics for customer analytics and tracking can be used with it.

        A user can create an online store where they want to sell digital or physical products and accept all the payments as well.

        Membership sites can also be created with the help of it.

Disadvantages of

Certain disadvantages are also there. These are:-

        Web hosting is a must to use because it will act as a destination where all the websites will be stored.

        For all the updates, users will be responsible, and it depends on them whether they want to do it or not.

        Users will be responsible for backup, and they can utilize the WordPress backup plugin. 

        It is essential to install WordPress is a free blogging platform that allows you to publish your thoughts online without the complexity of installing and maintaining your own server. runs on the same technology platform as The main difference is that is a hosted service where you can sign up and start writing immediately without installing anything.

Advantages of is the ultimate option for all hobby bloggers.

        It is offering 3 GB of space to users.

        There is no need to worry about updates and backups.

        WordPress will be responsible for all the updates available.

Disadvantages of

        There will be tons of ads on all free websites, but the developer will not make money from it.

        Users cannot upload plugins with the free plan if they want to do so; it is essential to get a membership.

        Users cannot sell ads on the website because they can monetize the same to a particular limit. 

        A custom theme cannot be uploaded by the free users they need to get the membership for utilizing the same.

        The statistics are quite restricted on the portal and users cannot add Google Analytics or other powerful tracking platforms. 

        The site of the user can be deleted any time if it violating the terms of service 

        The site will display the  link and the same can be removed only by upgrading to business plan

        Membership the website cannot be maintained.

        E-Commerce services are not there for users. 

Final verdict

Here we have discussed and in detail. But now the question arises which one to choose. There is a clear answer for the same. If you consider yourself a personal blogger, then you can go for free and if you are a business or a blogger and want to make money from your site then go for and also if you use you have full control to customize your site look and feel.

Moreover also understand about the pricing plans available because is a paid platform paying the particular amount you can earn All the Perks of it, but if you are not in the mode of paying the amount for software, will be the choice. Last but not least, if you are in the e-commerce section, is the best option to consider instead of Choose the right platform and then become a part of it.

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How to Fix Your WiFi

The internet is a tremendously important part of our daily life. Only seven percent of Americans don't have an internet connection, yet despite its ubiquity, many of us still have to deal with wifi problems on a daily basis.

Wifi problems can disrupt productivity, cause issues with your social life, or just be plain irritating. This means that part of having internet at home is knowing how to fix your wifi.

In this guide, we'll take a look at what you should do if your wifi's not working and what might be causing your problems.

Are you ready to learn more? Then read on!

1. Restart or Reset Your Wifi Router

There's a saying in computer repair: "restart, restore, reinstall." If you've started to have issues with your wifi connection, it's always worth restarting your wifi router. This can fix issues ranging from poor signal strength to connection drops, so it's a good place to start.

To restart your router, you should go unplug it from the wall outlet and then leave it for several minutes. Then plug it back in and check your computer or phone. 

If this hasn't worked, you should try resetting your router. This will wipe any custom settings on the router such as the password, wifi name, and more, giving you a clean slate to start over with.

The reset button on your router will likely be a small, recessed button. You'll need to get a paper clip or another thin implement to press it with. Put the paper clip into the hole and hold it there for a few seconds: depending on the router, you will probably see the lights blink, which means you should then remove the paper clip.

Your wifi router should start up again and be back to its default settings. Try connecting and seeing whether the problems have been solved.

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2. Try Changing Your Wifi Channel

If you're having issues with wifi speed, changing your wifi channel may help. Wifi works via radio waves, in a similar way to television broadcasts. If multiple television signals were on the same channel, you'd get a scrambled picture: with wifi, this congestion gives you a slow connection.

To change your wifi channel, you'll need to log into your router's settings. While the exact method for this varies from router to router, they generally involve opening up your web browser and going to, your router's default IP address.

Here, you'll need to log into the router with your username and password, then go to the settings page. Here, you should be able to tweak the wifi channel. Try multiple ones, restarting your router in between attempts.

3. Wifi Not Connecting

Is your wifi not connecting at all? This is a serious issue, as it totally disrupts your access to the internet across all of your devices.

Before you ring your ISP and complain, there are a few things that you can try.

On the back of your router, you will find ethernet ports. Grab an ethernet cable and plug one end into the back of your router, then plug the other end into your computer. Can you get the internet through a wired connection?

If you can, the issue isn't with your ISP's connection but with your router, which means you should contact your ISP and get a replacement.

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4. Wifi Network Has Disappeared

Your wifi network disappearing means that something is wrong with the router. Is your router turned on?

If you check your router and it has turned off despite being plugged in, then you may need to order a replacement. There could be an issue with the power supply of the router.

If the problem is intermittent, it's possible that the wifi router is overheating. Is the router in a warm spot in your home? If it is, try moving it to a cooler area and seeing whether this fixes the issue.

5. Weak Wifi Signal

If a weak wifi signal is driving you around the bend, there are a few ways that you can fix it. First off, check to see whether the signal is stronger near the router: if it is, then the problem isn't with your router but with your settings or your home's layout.

Routers can operate on two different frequencies, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. A 2.4 GHz wifi network is slower than 5 GHz but is much better at penetrating walls and other obstacles than a 5 GHz one. A 5 GHz network is faster but will often bounce off obstacles, which means that it has a lower effective range.

Many routers today are dual-band, which means that it uses both of these, but some still favor one over the other. Try switching the frequency in your router's settings and see if that fixes the issue.

Radio waves from other devices can also interfere with a wifi signal, including microwaves and Bluetooth signals, so make sure you aren't overpowering the wifi signal with these signals.

If neither of these solutions fixes your weak wifi signal, it's probably just not strong enough to cover your whole home. You should purchase a wifi range extender, which will pick up the signal and repeat it. Put this in between your router and where you're having issues.

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How to Fix Your Wifi: Answered

We hope that you now feel a lot more informed about how to fix your wifi! Wifi issues are very annoying but they're rarely unsolvable. If you're still experiencing issues after trying our solutions, we'd recommend contacting your ISP and seeing how they can help you.

For more informative and interesting articles like this, check out the rest of our blog!

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Boost your App Installations With These Marketing Strategies


We live in a technological age, in which we can very much fit the whole planet into tiny smartphones. We'd claim there was an application for just about everything. If we need to keep track of our everyday steps, calculate the level of liquid or calories we consume to stay in shape, update the financial affairs on a daily basis, or merely write down day to checklist and monitor any activities, there will always be Android app development India that will help us. As the result, numerous companies have taken advantage of the opportunities that the digital era of the internet and handheld technology has helped bring: Getting an application, or as we want to call it, a digital presence like a customized smartphone app. These small symbols that remain on smartphones provide companies with name recognition, consumer tracking, and revenue.

To get the application to the eyes of the people, all it requires is a little initiative and the permanent feature. But, before we get through the easiest approaches to increase smartphone app purchases, let's have a look into how they are installed firstly. To get the application to the eyes of the people, all it takes is a small initiative and the correct understanding. So, to find out how to increase the number of installs of your smartphone device, keep reading.

  1. Get the app's name as clear as possible

Undoubtedly, how you call the software has a significant effect on how people learn about it, then look for it, and eventually use it. When it comes to the name of the application, it's still best to be upfront. If you have a large number of people who already recognize who you are, the application naming must contain or refer to your branded product in one way. This will make it easy for your target markets to identify you and strengthen your brand image. If you really are new to the industry, on the other hand, you can immediately apply the requisite keywords to the product name in order to better explain everything the app is for.

  1. Sponsored Tweets

Likewise, endorsed tweets are an additional extremely successful method of pouring cell application downloads if they are fixed accurately. Begin with a tiny budget that tests many various kinds as of keyword sections, and increase the determinations of the finest charges achievements.

  1. Add good keywords to the application

Whenever the software is viewed in the marketplace, keywords adding to it is extremely important. What criteria do we use to choose the most precise keywords? We suggest that you are using analytical software to determine what your target customers are likely to look for as they visit the operating system. Of course, incorporating keywords into the app is difficult, particularly for newcomers. As a result, you can experiment with different words on a regular basis and see what works best for your app. A further point to keep in mind is that you ought not to pick large search larger keywords at random. Indeed, you must exercise caution at this stage, as selecting the incorrect keywords will attract unwelcome visitors to your app's website. If the words chosen for your product are meaningless or misleading, your app's reputation will suffer, and the downloads will feel the brunt.

  1. Name and Label Your Application Correctly

A good title will be the distinction among customers identifying the brand by name and them relating to it.  As such, if you wish individuals to remember your application title, it has to be original and fitting. Although no one will provide you with the ideal title.

  1. Request feedback.

If you really can get good feedback from the application's users, you'll see many downloads skyrocket. Comments which announce the software to be a worthwhile purchase or that it offers a positive user interface are “reviews” that inform other consumers that your app is worthwhile to download. You would be motivated to add false ratings only to boost the overall amount of publicity your product receives. However, once the mobile app discovers that you used this technique, the app can be indefinitely banned. Natural feedback from real users is much more useful to your application than fake ones because they enable you, the creator, to benefit from them.  Not only can the reviews help other people appreciate the item, but would even help you figure out whether it requires to be corrected or modified.


By the third month after their purchase, several applications had lost close to many of their subscribers. This is normally attributed to an absence of customer interaction, a rival providing a superior in-app interface, and merely being not capable to maintain the shifting preferences of the user. To put it another way, many smartphones use communication pumps that are clogged with holes. Developing an app is a difficult task. But building a campaign that continues to get the customers weeks and decades after when you are living is much more difficult.

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How to Connect AWS EC2 Server With SFTP

 You can connect with aws ec2 server via filezila using below process..

Step 1:- Collect server informations.

First you have to collect some required informations for your AWS instance like public DNS, PEM file, User etc...

If you use ubuntu image for creating a instance then you can use ubuntu as defaul user.

PEM file:-  This is the file use for creating a instance. you have to save in to your computer for future use.

Public DNS:-  You can either use public elastic IP address or its public DNS.

Step 2:- Fill Informations in FileZilla under mysite section.

  • Now fill your public DNS or IP in Host input box.
  • Choose protocol SFTP- SSH File Transfer Protocol.
  • Choose Logon Type Key file.
  • Put you user in User input box. 
  • Browse the path of your saved PEM file.
  • And simply click on connect.
After filling all informations your site manager in filezilla will look like below image..

If you still unable to connect with SFTP, then you have to enable port in security group associated with your aws instance.
I hope using above process you can able to connect with aws server via SFTP. if you need any help you can simply comment here. I will try to resolve your issue..

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The Platform Mindset in API Product Management


Coronavirus pandemic significantly amplified the organizations' requirements in order to embrace the digital-first strategy. Digital transformations seemed to be deprioritized in organizational goals favor that will be shifted to front & center overnight. As per the McKinsey Global survey 2020, companies mainly accelerated the digitalization rate of internal operations & also expand out the portfolios of digital products.

The integrations of digital transformation mainly facilitated by the APIs (Application programming interfaces) can be considered as intermediaries or messengers that will help in transmitting the data b/w software systems. Now a day, APIs are predictable as the "Connective tissue" of digital ecosystems which also offers business opportunities & limitless integration.

Connecting the Dots

As per the gained steam approach of BoB, integrations seem to be a key part of product strategies. There is one tool that can be used to solve the business area problems had able to integrate with other BoB products that were used alongside it. Consider HubSpot, CRM & sales software implementation by the organizations in order to track or optimize their customer relationships & sales pipelines. HubSpot readily integrates with the software of BoB such as Twilio, Zendesk, DocuSign without the need for additional development from teams of customer engineering.

The complementary tools requirement to plug into one another was mainly accompanied by a wide industry shift toward embracing openness instead of limiting interactions b/w different systems.

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Doing more with less

The organization's APIs value should be well documented, & the API economy had been thriving out for some sort of time. In order to understand the integrations landscape, it seems to be helpful to origins explore BoB's (Best of Breed) philosophy. Before the 1990s, the software vendors marketed ERP (Enterprise resource planning) suite solutions that attempted to solve out organizational challenges variety. These suites can be viewed out as impractical & cumbersome because they failed to address out the specific use-cases of the organization. As a result, vendors began building more tools that helper in solve out the functional area challenges, instead of higher suites that everything attempted for everyone.

Making it modular

For product leaders, the Development strategy for successful API needs a mindset shift to platform thinking from the product thinking. It means that modular building products, open-ended fashion that permits the recombines functionality & prioritizes flexibility for consuming the developers. IKEA shelving systems thinking, which customers can customize, assembles & purchase in various ways to meet out the requirements. Managers of API products see APIs for what their tools are: tools for business scaling and developing valuable partnerships. Potential recognizing means implementation of best practices in order to ensure adoption.

Platform proposition

The exact value of integrations goes beyond the coordinate ability of disparate tools & systems. At their best, APIs seem to be a collective mechanism for products turning into platforms. By definition, products are tools that have some sort of specific application. They seem to be limited in their ability to create several value propositions & by extension, various revenue streams. Platforms add values in a different path just by providing the layer of infrastructure through which several products can easily get built.

APIs provide the path for the latest business channels by capitalizing on the expertise of 3rd parties who leverage them. Consuming developers can design an app for real-estate that uses Google Maps’ places APIs in order to help the user house hunt.       

Best practices

There are some required practices for build-up effective APIs that will ensure about consistent & friction-free, integration experience for consuming developers. Project managers should go through the APIs designing that should be in a scalable or reliable manner, defining the appropriate practices for frameworks that can be referred by teams.  

Delighting the developers

Developer experience seems to be a foundational pillar for the solid strategy of APIs. For integrations of API, the customer product managers need to be delighting the developers. They are the users who will ultimately call or integrate with API, potential partners will help to realize the product-to-platform vision. Labeling the DX experiencing rather than UX acknowledges that will not typical for the end-users.

A detailed structure of success & failure response

Developers want familiar or scalable data objects & status code in order to generate the best outcomes for success & failure. It means for success scenarios, the status code will be 2xx, for client-side failures, it will be 4xx, & for server-side errors, it will be 5xx. A call to API of "send email" that will simply return the response of 4xx with extra information which makes a poor DX (developer experience).


   "status": 400,

   "message": "incorrect request"



    “status”: 400,

    “message”: “To recipient not specified”

     “code”: 20221


Consistent naming endpoints & conventions

Establishment of the consistent or constant naming conventions for endpoints for API that will help in clear out the API purpose & its nature. It will also help in removing the ambiguity & contributes towards predictable & positive DX. This seems to be the best option for a common base URL for frameworks & overall API.

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In summing up

Integrations represent a wide domain along with several components, but understanding the Good API core principles is essential to develop a solid and useful strategy. APIs are not limited to the system connectors. They are also building blocks of digital networks & also a key for opening up new untapped values & also revenue streams. A successful strategy of APIs is not limited to building products; it's about building up potential. A product manager of API must adopt the appropriate platform mindset & prioritize the potential partners who lookup for the API and its integrations. We are at Mtoag to help you integrate the best mobile software development and will provide you every sort of information related to the APIs. We are available 24*7 to help and support you.  

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How To Host A Website On AWS using Elastic Load Balancers (ELB)?

I found most developers struggling to host a website on AWS. Even some of my friends ask me several time to make them understand some easiest way to host a website on AWS. Also many of developers are fears to host their websites on AWS due to high charges associated on AWS. But you have all the control on AWS. So you can minimise the charges as you wants.

I have already describe a simplest process for hosting a website on AWS using vista panel. you can check Easy Process to Host website on AWS..

So guys here I am gonna explain one more easy process to host a website on AWS cloud via Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) and it will even charge you less then other hosting service provided by godaddy, hostgator etc.

Step 1:- Login to your AWS console.

First of all you have to login into you AWS account. if you are new user then you have to create a new AWS account by clicking on the button showing in below screenshot.
You will get free tier access for 12 months if you are new user. So you will not get any charges till 12 months on AWS if you use free services.

Step-2:- Create A ec2 instance.

You have to create a ec2 instance first using ubuntu 16.04 AMI on AWS marketplace.(Also you have to download PEM file in the last step). PEM file will help you to login via terminal through SSH.

Ensure all ports like 80, 8080,8083,22,143 etc are enabled in your security croup.

Step-3:- Install required software to server.

Now you have to login via ssh or pem file to server through terminal. you can use below example command for SSH..

sudo ssh -i /home/user/Desktop/pemfile/xyz.pem ubuntu@

Install softwares like xampp, wamp, nginx, mysql etc required for your website. below are some sample command for installing nginx on ubuntu.

    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install nginx

Step-4:- Upload your files via FTP or Terminal via command.

Now you have to upload your project files into server. you can upload it either FTP or via terminal. for uploading via terminal you can use below command..
  • scp -i /home/user/Desktop/pemfile/xyz.pem -r /home/user/Desktop/your_website_folder/ ubuntu@

and for uploading files using FTP, you can go check my one of post for connecting aws server via FTP How to Connect AWS EC2 Server With SFTP

Step-5:- Go to Load Balancers and Create a Load Balancer

Now you have to create a elastic load balancer for your application. Load balancers are use for balancing load on your website. so create a application load balancer as shown below image.


Step-6:- Create a Target Group.

Now you have to create a target group under Load Balancing -> Target Groups submenu. Here you have to register your already created aws instance as shown in below image. you can register more than one instances associated with your web application and then you have attach this Target Group with your Load Balancer.

You have to add your instance into Target Tab as shown in above picture.

Step-7:- Now Register your Load Balancer ARN with your Domain in AWS Route53.

Now you have to assign your created load balancer with your domain in AWS Route53. As you assign the load balancer with your domain, go to browser and visit your website. you will find your website in working condition on browser.
AWS route53 will look like below image..

I hope this process will help you to host a website using AWS ELB. If you found any type of difficulty, you can simply comment here. I will try to resolve your issue. Thank you.

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Get Stand-out Service from Programming Assignment Help to Nurture your Career


In an era when science and technology are at their peak, it is a must you have knowledge about these things else you will lag behind the others. Where Artificial Intelligence has taken up almost all the work of human beings, it makes it difficult to survive in the world today without the knowledge of computers.

Coding and programming are introduced into the curriculum of school-going students from standard fourth or fifth. This itself proves how important it is along with normal studies. In the early stages, we are taught about the basic programs like BASIC and JAVA and as we grow older these concepts are elaborated on and their application is focused upon. 

But all these years we gain this knowledge with the assistance of our teachers. Programming and coding are difficult concepts even if we learn them under someone’s guidance. They require immense practice and concentration along with determination. You have to write hundreds of lines of coding after reading immensely and then thousands of corrections are required till you meet the desired result. After having knowledge of all this it can be clearly inferred that self-learning becomes a daunting task since it involves no guidance. 

Now when you get into a field that involves coding, you must figure out which specialty of coding you will like to get into like A.I., robotics, website, computer system, etc. Find out your interest and then delve into a little research on it. 

The research will help you gauge the details as well as the difficulty of the language and then you can easily figure it out for yourself. But even if you get into the depths of this field, it is way too difficult and tests the patience of the students thus they require assistance from experts for assignment help or for assignment help. This assistance would help you learn and focus on the details and thus nurture your career.

Let us first understand the different types of programming language which are as follows:

  • C- This language is different from other object-oriented programming languages and can be said to be the first step in learning programming after which you can go on to learn JAVA, PYTHON, etc.

  • C++- This one is an object-oriented programming language that uses the concepts of data hiding, inheritance, data encapsulation, polymorphism, and the like. This is the second step in the ladder of learning programming.

  • JAVA- It is the most taught programming language to the students and the one that is used more in the commercial field. Knowledge of this language is going to give you the edge over the others.

  • PYTHON- If you have an interest in developing games or web interfaces, PYTHON is going to help you with it. This language is used in machine learning, business analytics, and data analytics.

When you seek help from the experts while working on programming or coding, it will benefit you in the following ways:

1.     They will provide you with a unique and original piece of work in the proper format. Experts have been in this field for years and thus they have a stronghold on this language leaving no or less scope of their being a problem in the assignment. They have been offering assignment help for years and thus know what the students are required to do in their work. They too have software for checking plagiarism thus leaving no scope for the content being copied. Swift and in-time delivery is offered by these people so that the students don’t have to suffer. They are prone to working under the pressure of deadlines and know how to work within time.

2.     The experts also help students in their programming by providing them with the best and the easiest algorithms used while doing the work. In the process, they even educate the students to handle their work on their own.

3.     If you have studied these languages in your school years, you will see that your teacher requires you to write the comments for the codes written which offers an easy explanation for the steps mentioned in the programming. The experts provide homework help students by well mentioning these comments as explanations for the codes. 

4.     The experts also provide the test cases in these codes if at all required. A student can study and evaluate these codes and use them in the other programs thus getting effective assignment help.

5.     Remember that when you learn to program, the underlying structure of any programming language does not change much. It is just the syntax of different languages that are altered. In other words, the logic remains the same just as the step sees a change. If you seek programming assignment help, the experts who would provide you service are so good that you will learn to use the same logic with different syntax in different languages.

6.     The experts will also provide you the best quality solutions for your works so that the grades are also of the best quality.

Thus, if you are out on a hunt to get stand-out service for your programming assignment help, you will learn a lot more than that. Remember blindly copying a text or producing what somebody else has given you will not do the needful. 

 Rather when you learn these things by heart you will be able to nurture your career to the fullest. Therefore, concentrate on learning rather than merely copying.

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