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The 4 Groups for the Best Web Design in Auckland

 Although you can create your own website through Wix or Squarespace, chances are you still aren’t sure how to optimize your business through them. So why not let the companies doing the best Web Design in Auckland do everything for you?

Web Design companies in Auckland can design your website creatively and impactfully in precisely the way you want it, with pictures you provided and content writing as well.

But before you pay up, you must know your purpose for it — are you putting up photography, digital design, SME, or eCommerce website?

Ask questions to clarify that there will be no out-of-scope charges. And most importantly, you should look for a company that also hosts the website (besides owning it) to avoid any issues.

And with that in mind, let’s go on to the companies for the best web design in Auckland and find you a great website that you can use!

Koda Web

If you need to have a website for eCommerce that impresses you, relay it to Koda Web! It is based on the North Shore of Auckland and has a team of creative artists and software professionals.

The goal is to provide you with a website that is optimized and navigable to drive sales and awareness. They don’t use any templates but will customize them for you according to your desire and business model.

When you let them set up your website, you get hosting as well as content management. This lets you ‘own your site’ and edit whenever you need to change something.

This is one of the companies for the best web design in Auckland because they work with you in mind and create a remarkable website with functions, SEO, and plug-ins all mapped out.

Small Business Web Designs

Designing your website doesn’t always have to be as difficult as rocket science. It doesn’t get any simpler and more professional than when Small Business Web Designs do the job.

With affordable rates, 15-day site completion, and customer support every step of the way, this is one of the companies for the best web design in Auckland.

Behind it is a team with a business manager, copywriter, website designer, logo designer, and sales manager. They will be there for you by email to offer better suggestions and keep your site productive.

Small Business Web Designs has helped many SMEs thrive in their work through their custom-built website. You can do the same too and reach a wider circle of clientele.


If your website has not been generating enough sales or traffic, then Quentosity can redesign it for you! You are covered because digital marketing and a marvelous website is their forte.

From their experience, they have helped numerous clients gain a higher percentage of sales and even more than double it. SEOs, brand value, marketing, and statistics — they know it all.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as they offer diverse services for their marketing. This includes video and aerial photography to make an impression on your current or potential buyers.

Quentosity staff members pride themselves on their love for their work, innovation, and the amazing talent that you will soon witness when your new website has gone live with them.


Zyber is an Auckland-based eCommerce agency that works exclusively with Shopify. As Shopify Plus Partners, they are eCommerce and Shopify Experts. Zyber prides itself on building powerful eCommerce solutions that drive conversions. They’ve been producing award-winning websites for over 12 years.

Zyber’s focus is on eCommerce functionality and incredible user experience (UX). Their skilled Developers are specialists in the field, can seamlessly integrate 3rd party apps, build custom integrations, and migrate sites onto Shopify.

They also, provide support to merchants who are already on Shopify but are looking for a team of experts to support your business. From helping with asset creation to segmenting your audience and developing a multi-faceted omnichannel strategy, we can help.

Working with brands all over the world, Zyber has its finger on the pulse when it comes to eCommerce.

And those were your companies for the best web design in Auckland. Especially today with the ubiquitous smartphone and internet shopping, having a website is very important for any type of business.

Do you have any questions about website design so far? If you do, let us know about it by sending us a message and we’ll be right with you.

Excited about your new website? You can start planning it out from the basics and in case you’re looking for a new laptop, read about the best chromebooks in New Zealand.
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How Market Intelligence can Help Organizations Improve their Products


Improving the products that an organization is offering in the market is an essential strategy of keeping the business relevant in the market. Most of the business entities that have been operating in any market are always focused on interested on ensuring that they have products that are consistent with the needs of the customers in the market. This is something that has been very hard for the organization in the business to get because they are always dealing with extreme challenges.

There is no doubt that it is always very hard for any organization in the market to have some detailed information about products and how they can improve them to meet the needs of the customers. This is the main reason why most organizations have been struggling in the market. However, it has already emerged that market intelligence can be an essential tool that companies can use to analyze the effectiveness of their products and how such improvements can be handled.


Product Quality

Every organization has a perception that the products that it is releasing in the market have attained all the necessary quality aspects that are essential to the success of the business. However, most of these organizations do not have the right strategies that can help them to understand the quality of the products they have been offering to the market. This is one of the major reasons why companies have been struggling to produce products that meet the needs of their customers.

However, market intelligence has consistently shown that it is possible for organizations to come up with some quality products that are able to meet the needs of the customers. The details available and which will be collected from the market will help in showing the areas where the organization has been making some mistakes in its industrial operations. It will be very easy for such entities to adjust and consider offering some products with enhanced quality.

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Product Sustainability 

The issue of sustainability has never been an issue that has been affecting the way most organizations have been operating in the market. This issue has also not been affecting the strategies that organizations have been using to manufacture and produce various products in the market. This is something that entities have been ignoring, and they have not been facing any possible challenges as they have been trying to have some major impacts on the market.

However, there is a perception that sustainability is becoming an essential strategy that most organizations have been using. It is therefore very important for any company that is operating in the market to know that it has the responsibility of delivering the products that meet the needs of the larger market. Sometimes it is very hard for an organization to understand the issues to do with sustainability unless it relies on market intelligence.


The Use of Products

The use of the products on offer may seem like a simple operational approach that every other organization knows. However, it is essential to note that there are some issues that have been missing in the market. Some of the products are getting other uses in the market. It is very necessary for an organization to understand this approach through market intelligence so that it can have sufficient details to promote its business operations out there in the world of business. 

Issues to do with the products that organizations have been offering in the market have become very sensitive. As such, every entity needs to incorporate market intelligence with the help of NetBase Quid so that it can have sufficient details about its products. This will help in dealing with some severe issues associated with product defects.

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What is a web designer? Web designer work content and future potential


"Design" is an important point in creating a good website. Whether a website is good or bad can make a big difference in how easy it is to use, how beautiful it looks, and what you get from it. A profession that specializes in Website design, which plays such an important role, is a web designer. This time, I would like to introduce the work contents and future potential of web designers.

Web designer's job

Web designers are sometimes called "web creators" or "home page designers." The main job of a web designer is to design and produce a website requested by a client such as a company or an individual. We will consider the overall structure so that the client can create the website that the client envisions, and create a design that is easy to use and conveys its appeal. If you're a freelance web designer, you may be involved in everything from sales activities to planning to win deals, but in most cases, such as in-house web designers, you'll be involved from the website production stage. Here, we will introduce the details of the work performed by the web designer from the website production stage after receiving the order.

1. Determine the structure and layout of your website

First, decide on a rough layout for your website. Determine the key visuals and the overall image of your website, taking into account the basic configuration and overall volume. It's important to consider branding and aesthetics, but in the case of web design, operability is also essential. Website screens are called UIs (user interfaces) and are designed with operability in mind, so knowledge of the UI is also required. (Therefore, in the case of designers who pursue designs with high operability including apps other than the Web, some people call themselves "UI designers" along with the title of a Web designer.)

2. Make a website design

The next thing the web designer does is decide on the color and decoration of the website. Use graphic software such as "Illustrator" or "Photoshop" to decide the color scheme of the website and the layout of logos and icons. Ultimately, you create design data for your web page called a design comp. Basically, the work up to this point is generally done in consultation with web producers, web directors, and clients.

3. Coding the website

After the client agrees on the rough layout of the website, the coding is done using the languages ​​that make up the website, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML displays elements such as sentences and images, CSS specifies placement, font, character size, color, etc., and JavaScript expresses movement. We design logos and icons according to a rough layout that has been decided in advance, while keeping in mind the ease of use and the beauty of the appearance. Concentration and patience are essential for web designers, as the final design adjustments are made in the smallest units of data called pixels.

Web designers tend to think that they spend a lot of time facing computers, but they also have many opportunities to interact with people, such as meetings with clients. Web designers are required to have communication skills as well as design skills because they need to listen carefully to the client's requests for websites.

Other jobs for web designers

In addition to the work introduced here, the scope of work assigned to the web designer differs depending on the production company or company you work for. Also, if you are a side business or freelance web designer, it depends on your skill range.

The details of what kind of work is available are introduced on the Web designer page of the "Occupational Information Provision Site" provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. This site also contains information such as career step examples, training periods before and after employment, and work experience before employment, so those who are interested should refer to it.

in conclusion

The job of a web designer is suitable for those who like to design and those who find it rewarding to constantly acquire new knowledge and skills and utilize them as their own skills. If you are interested, why not try web design?

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API Security Explained for Beginners

 API stands for Application Programming Interface that allows different applications to communicate with each other. For example, you want to book a flight. You visit a travel agent’s website and fill in your flight requirements. The travel portal in turn sends requests to airline websites to retrieve the information that you requested. All this happens through APIs. Since API is a medium of communication it is also easily accessible to hackers. Thus, API security is very important to the overall safety of a website.

What is API security?

An API is an interface intended to be used by different kinds of users. To keep data safe from hackers it is important to secure the API. However, a lot of APIs are not tested for security. This might put your website at a risk.

Here is an overview of what API testing involves:

       Checking the validity of output that API provides for a given input

       Checking the validity of inputs. Whether they appear in a particular range, are of appropriate size, are not NULL, etc.

Why is API security important?

Every day a new data breach incident against XYZ company makes it to the news. Yet, API security is still not a concern for organizations running publicly accessible websites. It's best to infuse security while developing your application to prevent well-known exploits. But you can also prevent a lot of trouble by testing your API security later, as you’ll learn in this post.

More and more sensitive information is transmitted through API. This, if accessed by the hacker could prove detrimental for the website owner.

Here are some ways attackers can abuse an API endpoint:

       Injection attack

       Parameter Tampering

       DOS/DDOS attack

       Authentication Hijacking

       Man-in-the-middle attack

The implications of API; Source:

The attacks listed above are seen across vertices, around industries. For example: When a customer books a plane ticket using a travel application, the backend will reserve the available space on the plane immediately. If the customer completes the reservation and purchases a ticket, the decrease becomes permanent. Otherwise, it lasts for a default timeout period of a few minutes.

This creates an opportunity for abuse. The attackers reverse-engineer the API. Bots pose as customers, to reserve seats but never complete the process. Each time, a seat is removed from available inventory for the entire timeout period. This makes it unavailable to legitimate customers during that time and a large block of seats remains unsold.

How to test API security?

1. Fuzz Testing

Fuzz testing is a blackbox software testing technique which finds bugs using malformed data injection in an automated fashion. In simple words, we send unexpected values to your API and see if it breaks.

It doesn’t require advanced tools and can be done using curl command. You can send testing numbers, testing strings  or other random values into HTML input fields to ensure that inputs are validated and submitted correctly.

Fuzz testing numbers

Sending zero, negative numbers and really large values and other invalid number formats to API inout parameters. Poorly coded applications are reliant on some specific format, so testing this is a  good way to find bugs.

Fuzz testing strings

A form of fuzz testing involves sending  SQL queries in API parameters where a string is expected.  Other tests involve sending large strings, Naughty Strings etc.

2. Command Injection

Injection flaw occurs when untrusted data is sent to the interpreter as part of query. In the context of API command injection, a flaw occurs when a web application passes information from HTTP requests through other commands.

For example, if a request is sent to API using command = rm-rf/ within a query, then an inadequate validity filter will allow the query through, thereby destroying the contents of the server, checkout our guide on AWS Pen Testing for more info.

To test the protection against command injection, send harmless OS commands or SQL queries as input parameters. If the inputs are not validated properly, an attacker could easily run database command through API request

3. Endpoint protection

API should authorize every request before processing it. To test the authorization robustness, conduct automated tests with test authorized endpoints without authorization and test user privileges.

Check for unhandled HTTP methods by using HEAD to bypass authentication and test arbitrary HTTP methods.

4. Parameter tampering

In parameter tampering, API parameters are manipulated by  taking advantage of backend validation errors.

In simple words, if a user can open their browser, change that input value and submit the form successfully, then the service is vulnerable to parameter tampering

Check that the hidden input fields in form are validated correctly. Test various combinations of invalid query parameters and ensure the API returns correct error codes.

How to secure the rest API?

Only 40.4% of API providers are testing for API security. With RESTful API becoming increasingly popular, the security in API design is often the most overlooked. Here are the principles to keep in mind for a secure REST API:

  1. Strict privileges: Allow only authorised users to access important methods like DELETE, PUT etc
  2. Fail-safe defaults: The access level for any user should be “denied” unless they’ve been granted a “permit” explicitly.
  3. Simplicity: Design should be as simple as possible. This allows better analysis and remediation in case of attack.
  4. Complete Mediation: Validate access rights and do not rely on cached permission matrix. If the access level to a given resource is being revoked, but that isn’t reflected in the permission matrix, it would violate the security.
  5. Minimum Shared states: If a shared state gets corrupted, it can err all components depending upon it. So, keep the number of shared states to a minimum.
  6. Ease of accessibility: Security mechanisms should not make the resource difficult to access. All the mechanisms should be designed keeping the user experience in mind. And all user experience features should be designed keeping security in mind.

This article discusses some of the many ways of ensuring API security. Some
automated tools can be used for running API security tests. Conducting a full-fledged security audit with Astra includes malware scanning, API security test, and other features.

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Understanding SaaS security for your Business


Today is the era of internet and cloud-based technologies where technology is within reach of the technical as well as the non-technical teams of an organization. Software-as-a-Service or SaaS is an on-demand, cloud-based software delivery model that allows businesses and organizations to make use of applications they require without actually purchasing or hosting them in their physical systems.

It prevents the organizations from investing in servers or other high-end expensive machines or software and their maintenance. Instead, a SaaS provider does all these tasks on behalf of the companies and charges as per the usage.

SaaS is a great choice for businesses, but the potential vulnerabilities and how to secure these services remain a problem for all the SaaS firms or entrepreneurs who aim to build a SaaS application in the future.

What is SaaS Security?

When you think of purchasing a new SaaS-based solution for your company, the most critical factor to consider is the security of your opting service. Ironically, one of the most overlooked aspects of these businesses and enterprises is security.

70% of the organizations that host their data in the cloud are victims of cybercrime. This figure speaks for itself to realize how indispensable it is to evaluate a SaaS solution for procurement..

SaaS security is the protection of client privacy and data associated with cloud services. The main aim is to safeguard the business logic and the sensitive data in motion from interception and tampering.

Importance of SaaS Security

$113.1 billion would be the revenue generated by SaaS alone by the end of the year 2021, as predicted by experts. However, the only problem is SaaS Security and the lack of awareness amongst the customers.

No business owner wants to be held responsible for opting for a cloud-service provider or vendor who puts the company's mandatory compliances and standards at high risk, leading to a security breach.

The cloud vendors comply with all the necessary regulations and protect your system, but one should never solely depend on their security protocols. It is an added advantage to have your own SaaS security check of the system before making a deal. The security gaps might lead to loss of revenue and trust of the customers of your business. 

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Today’s SaaS Security threats to online businesses

SaaS security is a major concern for all new and old businesses using SaaS Solutions due to several potential risks associated with it. These risks include risk of data leakage, phishing activities, taking over accounts, gaps in security configurations, and so on.

Some of the most common threats are as follows:

  1. Account Takeovers: The hacker can steal the employees' credentials working in the organization and get into the system to steal the business logic or the data or attack the web application's functioning.
  2. Data access risk: Sensitive data and privacy are among the most common risks associated with SaaS. Every organization has loads of personal information involved in businesses, and this data is the most vulnerable to outside attacks.
  3. Lack of Identity Management: Misconfigurations in assigning employees' roles to access the sources of business open doors for hackers to get into the system without any effort.
  4. Flaws in Service Level Agreement: Service level agreements are the most crucial document between the vendor and the customer. Lack of robustness in the SLA makes it challenging to hold the culprit accountable in an attack.
  5. Compliance of standards: Companies and organizations often fail to follow and comply with the organizations' rules and regulations that often becomes a concern for the enterprises that are using SaaS solutions.
  6. Internal threats: Employees can also be a reason for potential risk. An unaware team of employees who use weak passwords, neglect the security practices and security protocols, or share credentials with other individuals is also a significant threat.

SaaS Security Checklist

To successfully implement and comply with the regulations and security standards of your SaaS-based applications, it is not only necessary to analyze and understand the potential vulnerabilities but to follow remedies to keep your application safe from the risks.

Here is a list of steps you can take to ensure SaaS security:

  1. Train and educate your employees.
  2. Hire security professionals for your firm.
  3. Train and make your customers aware of the security regulations.
  4. Implementation of Data deletion policy of customer data.
  5. Encryption of sensitive data.
  6. Including security as a part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  7. Integrate real-time monitoring of your web application.
  8. Keep a check on compliance with mandatory standards and penetration testing reports shared by the auditor.

Final remarks

89% of the companies use SaaS-based applications worldwide, and the numbers are expected to grow higher in the coming years. Businesses must understand the need and importance of SaaS security and be well prepared to migrate to the cloud or protect their already hosted applications.

Businesses may consider implementing the SaaS security procedures themselves or hire a security professional who can help them take care of it.

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7 Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

There was a time when just a few people knew how to code. Though, nowadays many IT occupations necessitate learning more than one programming language.

Working on your tech skills in 2021 can be a good decision to improve your occupation. Choosing one programming language at a time to learn is a good start, but which language?

Several factors must be considered before making your decision. They include the complexity you can handle, your current coding skills, and your motivation.

Your goal is also a significant factor in choosing which programming language to learn. The language you should learn can differ if you’d like to create a mobile application, or get a certificate, or just want to learn a new skill.

In this article, we will introduce 7 top programming languages that will be in high demand among employers in 2021. You'll learn about each language, its complexities, and how to use it. But before that let’s discuss the motivations of learning programming languages:

Why Would You Like to Learn a Programming Language?

There are several reasons to learn a programming language; here are the three main ones:

1.   Getting a Job as a Programmer

If the use of digital equipment grows year after year, programmers will still be in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer programmer positions will be available and in demand in many countries.

So, if you are planning to work in this sector, you will need to learn a programming language. But it depends on your purpose, for example, you may want to develop a mobile application in Australia. Then, you should learn a programming language that most mobile development companies in Australia work with.

Working as a programmer is very flexible, especially in 2021, when work from home is the new normal for companies. You will probably have the choice to work remotely, as the position only involves a device with an internet connection. However, it still depends on your hiring company's strategy.

2.           Creating What you Want

Computer programming, rather than any other work, allows you to digitize your thoughts. This could be an app or website you wanted to make and felt would be successful after it was released. Creating an app or website, on the other hand, is a difficult challenge that necessitates time, commitment, and resources.

In most cases, you can hire one of the 10 top web design companies to realize your idea. If you want to do it yourself, though, you would save money and get to design the software exactly how you like it. Particularly because you may think no one can execute your idea exactly the way you want it.

3.           Curiosity about How Software Works

When we use a laptop, for example, we communicate with it using the mouse and keyboard. But, we hardly pause to consider the software that is running in the background. Programming can help you become acquainted with and comprehend software and applications. You can understand and embrace emerging technological tools even more easily as a result of this familiarization.

What Are the Best Programming Languages to Learn?


Now that you defined your purpose of learning a programming language you have a better perspective of what you’ll need. Let’s see which of the following languages suits your case:

1.   Python

Python is a basic high-level programming language that has been popular for over 20 years. As a result, unlike C++, you would not be concerned with challenging tasks like memory management. Learning to code with Python can be a good start for improving your web design skills.

2.           Javascript

JavaScript is a popular programming language that is rapidly expanding around the world. It was originally called Mocha before being renamed JavaScript.

It is a programming language that can be used in a variety of industries and applications, including mobile app creation, web games, and the front and back ends of web apps.

3.           Kotlin

Kotlin is widely used in the creation of the android, web, desktop, and server-side applications. Kotlin was designed to be superior to Java. The majority of Google's applications are written in Kotlin. Coursera, Pinterest, and PostMates are only a few of the corporations that use Kotlin as their programming language.

4.           C#

C#, which was created by Microsoft, came to prominence in the 2000s for its support of object-oriented programming principles. It is one of the most powerful.NET framework programming languages.

5.           PHP

Developed in 1990, PHP is an open-source language. Many web developers consider it necessary to learn PHP. Many well-known internet sites like Yahoo and Facebook have been developed using PHP.

6.           Swift

Swift was created to replace Objective-C, which lacked modern features found in other programming languages. It supports some Objective-C functionality, such as dynamic dispatch and extensible programming, as well as addressing some programming errors.

7.           Go

Google engineers developed Go, which was first released as an open-source programming language about 12 years ago. It was designed to overcome the major shortcomings of other programming languages while retaining their positive characteristics.

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