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Everything You Need To Know About Dates and Times in Javascript


JavaScript is a lightweight programming language, and it is widely used on the World Wide Web. Let's discuss the JavaScript Date object used to check the data and time a visitor must meet at your site. Regarding dates and times in javascript has become a regular part of people's lives, and it features prominently in computer programming. When it comes to the part of the javascript, which helps to make a site along with the calendar and train schedules, and a better interface to set up an appointment.

 This application must show the appropriate time according to the user's current time zone or else the calculation around arrival and departure to start and end time. It would help if you used javascript to start the report at a certain time and filter via the open restaurant and another common establishment. To meet objective and javascript out with built-in the Date object and relater method. 

 Date objects:

 Date object must create an object in JavaScript and store the data and time. Then it provides several built-in methods for formatting and well managing that data. With the default, the new Date must have an instance without any arguments, and it provides to make the object correspond to the current dates and times in javascript. Hence, it makes the curretn device system settings.

 To demonstrate, JavaScript Date must allow making the variable and assigning the current date to it. from this article, you can get ideas about how to set the curretn date, time, and timezone, which is more represented by the below words, such as

// Set variable to current date and time

Const now = new Date ();

// View the output



Wed Oct 18 2017 12:41:34 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Date and time are broken up and printed in the best way, and we need to understand them as humans. Javascript must understand the date based on the timestamp, and it is derived from the Unix time and value consisting of the number of milliseconds passed since midnight on the February 1st 1980, and we simplet have the timestamp with the getTime() method 

// Get the current timestamp

now.getTime ();




  • It is familiar with JavaScript, such as creating, running, and creating and saving. 

  • Write script for text editor 

  • Obtain the browser to open the HTML files 

How to make a date objective in the javascript?

In JavaScript data () is an object which supports the time of working with dates. To make a new object, the current dates and times in javascript must have an objective to respective scripts.

 For example, you can check out the data object below 




<h1>Demo: Current Date</h1>

<p id="p1"></p>


Var date = new Date ();

Document.getElementById ("p1").innerHTML = date;




Result will ve var date= new Date ();

 This object shows the current date, time, and time zone option, so it is more comfortable to learn and update the data automatically.

Method to have people's data and time elements 

When you want to access the data in the YYY-MM-DD format, you need to create it with JavaScript and HTML documents. Now add the following code, which is listed below 




<h1>Demo: Current Date</h1>

<p id="p1"></p>


    Var date = new Date ();

    Var current_date = date.getFullYear () +"-"+ (date.getMonth () +1) +"-"+ date.getDate ();

    document.getElementById ("p1").innerHTML = current_date;




From the second line in the part of the java, script which holds the following details such as 

date.getFullYear () – is used by today valuable to show the 4 digit year 

date.getMonth () +1 – it shows the numerical month and +1 convert in the month from the part of the digital (0-11)

date.getDate () - which helps to show the numerical day of the month

 For example, the output will be like 2022-7-11.

 Epoch time:

 It considers zero time and is represented by the date string 01 March 1980 00:00:00 Universal Time (UTC), which helps to timestamp. Our browser test is by assigning a new variable to a new Date and instand based on the timestamps of zero. 

In the early days of programming, epoch time was chosen as the standard by which computers could measure time, and this is the method that JavaScript uses. Because both the dates and times in javascript can be utilized in various applications, it is essential to comprehend their concepts.

JavaScript lets you create a new Date in four different formats. You can use a date string or specify specific dates and times in addition to the default current time and timestamp.

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