Tuesday, February 3, 2015


RoboVM: Java development on Apple iOS & Android

Trillian Mobile and LodgON have partnered to create mobile applications for the iOS and Android operating systems.

The core technology at Trillian is RoboVM, an open source Java Virtual Machine technology for mobile application development.
RoboVM's mission is to turn 10 million Java developers into business and consumer mobile app developers for both iOS and Android devices.
LodgON is a Java specialist focusing on JavaFX on mobile.
The firms are releasing a preview of a first JavaFX 8u40 build for iOS and Android, along with a Gradle plugin intended to simplify workflow.
"We are extremely happy to announce that we are collaborating with Johan and LodgON," said Niklas Therning, Head Geek at Trillian Mobile, creator of RoboVM.
"For JavaFX to be successful on mobile it must work equally well on iOS. Partnering with the Trillian Mobile team to bring JavaFX to both Android and iOS feels natural," said Johan Vos, CTO at LodgON. "For the first time, developers can now use Java and JavaFX to develop once and deploy both to the desktop and to any Android or iOS mobile device."

Trillian Mobile enabled mobile app developers to publish over 100 apps in the iOS stores since 2013 via its iOS JVM called RoboVM; many of them built using open source libGDX technology, a popular cross-platform game development framework.
Trillian Mobile is seeing an expansion of business-oriented apps among clients using RoboVM's bindings to Apple's native iOS APIs to build truly native apps.
The future vision here is for businesses around the world to start developing cross-platform apps using Java and other JVM languages such as Scala, Groovy and Kotlin.

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