Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Now cassia hub bluetooth router can communicate powerfully at up to 300 meters range with 22 devices

A impressive Bluetooth router that has range more than 30 times the range of regular router is made by cassia . The company has unveiled a new Bluetooth router that can connect to devices at up to 1000 feet away, At the ongoing press event day at CES expo in as Vegas. The new Cassia Hub offers very long range and can connect to multiple devices, which aims to solve issues faced by consumers.
Cassia specializes in Wi-Fi products with innovative features. As per the company's claims, the new Bluetooth router works like a Wi-Fi router and can be connected to 22 devices at a time. Moreover, or in closed areas it can extends the range of Bluetooth connections up to 1,000 feet away in open air surroundings, or in closed areas it can pass through up to three walls.

Cassia Hub an be used via an app that lets users control everything connected to the hub, and can be connected to Wi-Fi router to let users control their Bluetooth devices even when they are away from the hub. Also, the Hub has a transparent relay mode, that can help extend the range of some Bluetooth LE devices, and do so it doesn't have to necessarily recognize them devices.

The Cassia Hub Bluetooth router comes with a specialized antenna designed for the Bluetooth, has significant hardware customization to increase the sensitivity of the Bluetooth, and noise cancellation technology. All these features result in better signals. This new technology can change the market dynamics for Bluetooth compatible devices, considering that Bluetooth is a popular mode of connectivity that Bluetooth devices have their own imitations

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