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How to Add a Domain in your hosting cPanel?

    Sometime we need to add a subdomain for our hosted domain. Everyone first time stuck in that due to none of knowledge of server. Here I am sharing my own experience for creating a Subdomain in godaddy server. 
    A subdomain creation is very easy process. So for creating a sub-domain you have to follow below step by step process.

Step 1:-  Login into your  cPanel.

Step 2:- Click on  "Addon Domains" in the top menu bar.

Here you can add your New Domain as per given text in below image. 

Step 3:-  Click on Add Domain

Step 4:- Check your Domain

 Step 4:- Add the Point to Ip address ( if you taken from different godaddy account or any other service provider account.) .                          
                           To run your site on browser you have to add your cpanel Ip address to your domain hostname. you can add a new host with your domain as below..

1. Copy the Ip address from your cpanel

2. Now go to your other account from where you buy your domain. In domain setting click on arrow showing right side of domain.
 3. In manage DNS you will point to Ip address that is you are to replace so click on edit button.

 5. Now past your copied cpanel Ip address In point to input field and select TLS 1 hour. 

6. Click on Finish.

You have to wait 15-20 minutes to assign domain to your given Ip address. after that you can able to see you website on browser.
So using above you can add a domain in your hosting cpanel. If you found any difficulty in add a domain, Please comment. I will always ready for answer to your query..

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