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How To Reverse A String In PHP ?

Commonly in interview we have been asked about reverse a string. So here I am going to share the solution for this type of question with my article.

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This is a basic question but most of the developers are stuck in it due to hesitation of interview. Interviewer only want to ask the main logic to reverse a string. He can either ask the function in php to reverse a string or also ask about procedural logic behind this.

You can reverse a string using strrev() string function.


string strrev(string $string)


Return a string in reversed order.

So here are the commonly asked question with an example related to this.

#Reverse a string using PHP string function.

      echo strrev("php is my passion");  //output:- noissap ym si php

#Reverse a specific word in a string.

        $string = "php is my passion";
        $array = explode(" ", $string);
        echo strrev($array[3]);                      //outpur:- noissap

#Reverse a string without using string function.

       $s = 'php is my passion';
        $length = strlen($s); 
        for ($i = 0, $j = $length-1; $i < ($length / 2); $i++, $j--) {
            $t = $s[$i];
            $s[$i] = $s[$j];
            $s[$j] = $t;
        echo $s;                           //Output:- noissap ym si php

So using the above process you can reverse any type of string in PHP.

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