Friday, March 15, 2019


Top Mostly Used Git Commands

************************** Git clone a Repository ******************

git clone <repository_url>

************************ Check git branch *********************

git branch

************************ Git Create Branch *************

Git checkout -b <branch-name>

************************ Checkout to another branch *************

Git checkout <branch-name>

************************ Make your file same as git repository *************

Git checkout <file-name>

-> for all files :-

Git checkout .

************************* Git commit command *********************

git add . [for all files]

git commit -m "your comment"

************************* Git push command **********************

git push origin <your-branch-name>

*********************** Git pull command ************************

git pull origin <your-branch-name>

*********************** Git delete branch command ***************

git branch -d <your-branch-name>

************************** Git check current repository URL command ***********

-> git remote -v

-> git remote show origin

**************************** Git change repository remote URL command ************
$ git remote set-url origin [email protected]:USERNAME/REPOSITORY.git

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