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Process To Test AWS Route53 ChangeResourceRecordSets API from Terminal

Here I am explaining the process to test AWS Route53 ChangeResourceRecordSets API from terminal. you can copy below code and paste that to your terminal then hit an ENTER from your keyboard.

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aws route53 change-resource-record-sets --hosted-zone-id ZGN2AVYTFOA --change-batch '
 "Comment": "",
 "Changes": [
     "Action": "CREATE",
     "ResourceRecordSet": {
       "Name": "anilc.phpmypassion.com.",
       "Type": "A",
       "AliasTarget": {
          "HostedZoneId": "Z26RNL4JYFTOTI",
          "DNSName": "phpmypassion-event-0ddd4472d016751e.elb.us-east-1.amazonaws.com",
          "EvaluateTargetHealth": false
"HostedZoneId": "Z26RNL4JYFTOTI" :- This hosted zone id belongs to Load Balancer Id 

--hosted-zone-id ZGN2AVYTFOA :-  This hosted zone id belongs to route53 hosted zone Id.


    "ChangeInfo": {
        "Id": "/change/CWR0FJ4AJNZFT",
        "Status": "PENDING",
        "SubmittedAt": "2019-05-21T10:06:47.123Z",
        "Comment": ""

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