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Difference Between React and Angular - AngularJS v/s ReactJS

Many of web developers are struggling for choosing good option for frontend. there is confusion in choosing AngularJS or ReactJS whether it is a smarter choice for front-end development. React and Angular are powerful front end development technologies. AngularJS is designed and managed by Google, while Facebook and its community maintain ReactJS. They are built on JavaScript that makes advancement and customisation to develop advanced front end of web applications.

According to my experience, here I am mentioning some of the comparison points between AngularJS and ReactJS. I hope this will be helpful for front end web developers.

Angular :

  • It is a Framework.
  • Angular is best for large scale web applications.
  • Angular use two directional data flow process where its updated the real DOM directly.
  • Its difficult for learning to a beginner.
  • Angular is easy to set up but it takes time to deliver project.
  • Backward compatibility issue in its versions below Angular 2.
  • It does not has flex architecture inbuilt. angular uses observable for data store.
  • Angular is slow and high weighted compare to React. 
  • It has solid community support. 

React :

  • It is a JavaScript Library
  • React is perfect option of small and medium scale type of web application.
  • React updates only the virtual DOM and is deal with the one-directional data flow.
  • React learning curve is easy for beginner.
  • React takes longer to set up than Angular but it takes less time to deliver projects. React lets you create projects and build apps relatively quickly.
  • Its all versions are completely backward compatible with all its previous versions.
  • React fully support flex architecture. It has data store ability inbuilt.
  •   React is Fast and light weighted compare to Angular.
  • React is behind in community contribution and collaborations.
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