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Easy Process to Host website on AWS

 I found lots of professional struggle to host their website on Amazon Web Services (AWS) . So here I am going to explain the step by step process to host a website on AWS. using this process you can save your money too on AWS. You can host multiple small type of websites also using this process. 

Note:- This process is recommended for medium traffic website. if your website has large traffic then you should follow a different process using AWS load blancers.

Step by Step Process to Host Website on AWS:-

Step-1 :-

 Launch a ec2 instance first using ubuntu 16.04 AMI on AWS marketplace.(Also you have to download PEM file in the last step)


 Ensure all ports like 80, 8080,8083,22,143 etc are enabled in your security croup.


 Login using ssh command(sudo ssh -i /home/user/Downloads/aws_admin.pem ubuntu@

-> Sudo su


Now you have to install vista panel to host a website on AWS. 

Install vista panel just click Install Vista Panel

Step 5:- 

After installation done. login to vista panel using your username and password.

Step 6:- 

Now go to web and create your hosting for specified domain.

Step 7:- 

You can either create ftp or copy your files in ec2 hosting directory /home/admin/web/your_domain/public_html for uploading your website files

Step 8:-

Create your database in DB section and upload your database by login to phpmyadmin.

Step 9:-

Now change your database crdentials in your config file.

Step 10:-

Do not forget to change ip address in your domain name service provider. It should be same as your ec2 instance public ip address.

Now just visit your website on browser and enjoy. if  you found any type of difficulty, you can simply comment here. I will try to resolve your issue. Thank you.

**** if website still showing deafult page. then just remove index.html from the specified directory.****

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