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What is a web designer? Web designer work content and future potential


"Design" is an important point in creating a good website. Whether a website is good or bad can make a big difference in how easy it is to use, how beautiful it looks, and what you get from it. A profession that specializes in Website design, which plays such an important role, is a web designer. This time, I would like to introduce the work contents and future potential of web designers.

Web designer's job

Web designers are sometimes called "web creators" or "home page designers." The main job of a web designer is to design and produce a website requested by a client such as a company or an individual. We will consider the overall structure so that the client can create the website that the client envisions, and create a design that is easy to use and conveys its appeal. If you're a freelance web designer, you may be involved in everything from sales activities to planning to win deals, but in most cases, such as in-house web designers, you'll be involved from the website production stage. Here, we will introduce the details of the work performed by the web designer from the website production stage after receiving the order.

1. Determine the structure and layout of your website

First, decide on a rough layout for your website. Determine the key visuals and the overall image of your website, taking into account the basic configuration and overall volume. It's important to consider branding and aesthetics, but in the case of web design, operability is also essential. Website screens are called UIs (user interfaces) and are designed with operability in mind, so knowledge of the UI is also required. (Therefore, in the case of designers who pursue designs with high operability including apps other than the Web, some people call themselves "UI designers" along with the title of a Web designer.)

2. Make a website design

The next thing the web designer does is decide on the color and decoration of the website. Use graphic software such as "Illustrator" or "Photoshop" to decide the color scheme of the website and the layout of logos and icons. Ultimately, you create design data for your web page called a design comp. Basically, the work up to this point is generally done in consultation with web producers, web directors, and clients.

3. Coding the website

After the client agrees on the rough layout of the website, the coding is done using the languages ​​that make up the website, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML displays elements such as sentences and images, CSS specifies placement, font, character size, color, etc., and JavaScript expresses movement. We design logos and icons according to a rough layout that has been decided in advance, while keeping in mind the ease of use and the beauty of the appearance. Concentration and patience are essential for web designers, as the final design adjustments are made in the smallest units of data called pixels.

Web designers tend to think that they spend a lot of time facing computers, but they also have many opportunities to interact with people, such as meetings with clients. Web designers are required to have communication skills as well as design skills because they need to listen carefully to the client's requests for websites.

Other jobs for web designers

In addition to the work introduced here, the scope of work assigned to the web designer differs depending on the production company or company you work for. Also, if you are a side business or freelance web designer, it depends on your skill range.

The details of what kind of work is available are introduced on the Web designer page of the "Occupational Information Provision Site" provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. This site also contains information such as career step examples, training periods before and after employment, and work experience before employment, so those who are interested should refer to it.

in conclusion

The job of a web designer is suitable for those who like to design and those who find it rewarding to constantly acquire new knowledge and skills and utilize them as their own skills. If you are interested, why not try web design?

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