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How to Make Your Application Smarter with QA Optimization?


Quality assurance or QA is an integral part of a software development lifecycle. With developers following the Agile methodology, quality has become necessary and needs to be taken care of through the entire process.

QA is not just the last part of any development process, but it weaves through the entire process till the end and defines the results in the form of an error-free software or application. Therefore, making your quality assurance cost and time-efficient will optimize your QA and make your application smarter.

Why should you consider achieving QA optimization? 

If your business target is to enhance your customer experience and improve your services, it directly involves QA. Thereby, optimizing quality assurance will enhance the efforts of the QA testers and it will then lead to smarter software development. However, there are various challenges that you can face while QA testing, and some of them could be: 

1.       Lack of specifications: There are various methods of testing your application like regression, stress, performance, etc. And it’s very crucial to understand all and decide which one is best suited for your application. 

2.       Lack of a testing plan and strategy: Testing is a complex and time-consuming process; thus, it requires you to follow a strategic approach for your functions to solve the complex aspects and deliver as per the requirements.

Here not just counting the challenges but sharing some ways to improve your QA testing and combat the problems faced. 

6 Best ways to optimize your QA for a smarter application: 

Quality assurance being the bull’s eye, optimizing it will help you hit the target and achieve the goals set by you. Your customers deserve the best, and you deserve to know how to do so. Here are the six best ways for excellent QA optimization:

1.       Outsource your QA: 

Quality assurance plays a pivotal role in the software development process and outsourcing the same could help you have better results within a quicker time frame. Make QA experts work and handle what they’re best at and let someone own the process of strategizing QA testing steps.

Outsourcing the process will help you have a leader who will be responsible for guiding the whole team on the agile approach, holding meetings, managing the data, or even reporting the status of the work. Thereby making the process smoother and swift.  

2.       Initiate QA testing at the earliest: 

Integrating quality assurance into the process is important but considering doing it at the earliest will help you achieve the goals set for your business. So back yourself up with the best possible solution because this could help find and fix those glitches and keep a timely check on the forthcoming issues. 

3.       Keep communication clear: 

Communication is a solution to many problems that even involve software issues. Share your requirements with the testing team clearly to avoid any confusion and expect desired results. Make your testers share their feedback on the software and fix the issues in no time. 

4.       Follow automation testing techniques: 

Software testing is crucial and needs to be performed to achieve flawless quality, but at the same time, some tests might be less important than others. However, neglecting them can never be a solution. Instead, deploying a test automation technology can help you save a lot of your time by holding the repetitive tasks. This method not only buys you time but also saves money in the long run. 

5.       Make QA a habit: 

Involving QA at every step of the development cycle could help the software be in its best version as it is all about testing and experimenting. To give your business application a push and provide what it’s missing, consider making QA optimization a habit to achieve revenue growth. In the end, quality is everything that you’ll want to deliver to your customers.

6.       Make the alliance stronger:

An agile method of development is not less than a coalition between the developers and the testing team. Quality assurance is a part of this partnership and making it stronger will fetch the desired results. Quality should flow through the entire team and become the goal that everyone wants to achieve, starting from the development day to the release day.

Final Words:

In an agile environment, quality is the key to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. Hence, the problem is not with the availability of the resources but how well we manage those available resources. Therefore, learning and analyzing the best ways to achieve QA optimization can improve QA productivity. While it’s also not always easy to build a whole new team for quality assurance, you can resort to outsourcing software testing services to experts for having a smooth flow of work without any hassle. 

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