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Unexpected results of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

 The Tokyo Olympic Games drew billions of people around the world on television. Some spectators and fans only follow certain sports disciplines, while others try to keep their finger on the pulse of the results in various sports. The Olympic Games are no longer mere statistics. Each new record has its own unique story, which can have scandalous, ironic, and even tragic connotations. The Tokyo Games were no exception. Since they had to be postponed for a whole year to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the fans had even more expectations, which in many cases were fully justified.

During the games in Tokyo, the organizers raffled off 339 sets of awards. In terms of the number of medals, the Russian national team took 5th place in the standings. She has 20 gold, 28 silver, and 23 bronze medals. The victory at the Olympics once again went to the US team, which took 39 gold and many other medals, and China was in second place, which earned 38 gold from the games. By a wide margin, Japan is in third place with 27 gold, 14 silver, and 17 bronze medals, while Britain is fourth with 22 gold, 21 silver, and 22 bronze medals.

tokyo olympic 2021

Sensations and achievements

Every team that went to the Olympics this year had a place for feats. A striking example was the performance of the swimmer from Tunisia Ahmed Hafnawi. The Olympic medalist managed to make it to the final, showing the worst result during the qualifying round. At the same time, this did not stop the 18-year-old from showing excellent results during the final. He became the third person in history to take Olympic gold, walking the eighth track.

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Swimming, in general, has become the source of much sensational news, some of which should be noted separately. In particular, Michael Phelps has been replaced by a new generation of American champions. Caleb Dressel won five gold medals at once during the Tokyo Games, showing excellent results. Also worth noting is the new world record set by South African athlete Tatyana Skunmaker, who covered the 200m breaststroke fastest in the history of the Olympics. Earlier at this distance, the favorites were Yulia Efimova and Lilly King, who regularly sorted out relations with each other in the pool, fighting for the title of champion. It is worth noting that this time King was completely left without top awards. She managed to take one bronze and two silver medals, and during the 100-meter swim, she was left without awards at all, which is the first failure since 2016.

The Olympics also brought many highlights for the host team of this sporting event. The Japanese athletes took the third position in the final standings, and also surpassed their indicators of the previous Olympics. The achievements of judoists from Japan should be specially noted, who managed to receive 9 Olympic awards. Hifume and Uta Abe became the main stars in this discipline. Siblings became Olympic champions, defeating their rivals with a difference of fewer than 30 minutes. But martial arts are not always distinguished by such beautiful stories. For example, during a performance, Fethi Nurin, an athlete from Algeria, refused to further participate in the Olympics when he learned that he was going to fight Tohar Butbul, a judoka from Israel. This was further proof that politics continues to interfere with sports.

Athletes from 93 countries were able to get gold in Tokyo, which is 6 more than the record in force at the start of the 2020 Olympics. In total, athletes from 204 countries of the world were represented at the games. It is also worth highlighting the national team, which was a team of refugees. The first Olympic award was also won by athletes from Turkmenistan. Athletes from this eastern country were the last to achieve this result among the former Soviet republics, and the winner was Polina Gureeva, weightlifter in the category up to 59 kg.

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