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How to Set Up a Business Website Once You Have Your Domain Name

 The first step to setting up a business website is reserving website hosting and a domain name. However, this definitely isn’t where your business website setup ends. If you want to make sure you’re attracting as many customers as possible, you need to set up your business website completely. Here are five steps to take to make sure your website is attracting customers.

1. Create Your Home and About Pages

Your home and about pages will give your potential customers more of an insight into who you are as a business. The home page is the first thing customers see, so make sure it exudes the concepts you’re looking to give off regarding your company. Make sure your home page directs people to contact information or top-selling products.

2. Write Your Product and Services Pages

You need at least one page about products and services that you sell. However, most companies will want a number of different pages for their products and services, especially if they’re directly selling a number of products. Companies that mainly sell services will need a lead generation page, while companies that mainly sell products will need individual product pages.

3. Make a Great Contact Page

This is especially important if you’re selling services that require a custom quote, but all companies should have a good contact page. A good contact page is the first step to top-tier customer service, which can play a big role in whether or not someone comes back to make another purchase. Make sure your contact page is an easy and effective way to contact customer service.

4. Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to track the audience that comes to your website. It’s one of the best ways to troubleshoot “problem spots” in your website; if a significant number of people click off your website after going to a specific page, it’s likely that the page itself is causing some problems for visitors. There are plenty of tutorials for installing Google Analytics on your website, including methods of overcoming issues in the installation and use process.

5. Start Doing Email Marketing

When you register a domain name, you’ll likely be able to get an email with that custom domain name. That means you can start reaching out to customers and potential customers through email. It’s a good idea to sign up for an email marketing provider, and you’ll also want to gear your website toward getting customers to give you their email addresses. Discount coupons and free resources are good ways to advertise your email newsletter.


Getting a great domain name and website hosting is the first step to creating a great business website, but it’s definitely not the end of the process. You also need to make sure that your content is interesting to people and that your website guides people to interact with your business. Use this guide to make sure your business website is at its best.

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