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The Real World Within Video Games

 Video games have turned into an excellent source of pastime for many years. However, the scenario has changed a little bit now due to the pandemic. Today, everyone wishes to go outside for exploring the real world. And so, video games are turning into an improbable source to find solace now. Recent years have witnessed huge leaps of fascination as well as graphical detail in video games. This charm has extended to the degree where gamers do witness a rightful desire to travel to exotic locations that video games provide.

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Hence, it seems cool for gamers to get themselves involved in the highly predictable sightseeing and travel binge. Some finest video games that comprise cultural wonders and real-world locations that you can explore are:

·         ITALY: Land of Wonders – The protagonist of this game is Elio. You can have a rapport with this old lighthouse keeper while playing this game. Elio, with the assistance of twenty sparks that he retrieved, lights up the sun every morning and it shines over the country brightly.

This game begins at sunset where Elio, who is being referred to as Helios, and who according to ancient Greek mythology the sun God, hunts for a helper who could help him finish his tough job.

And so, Elio orders the mysterious character who was standing out the lighthouse to retrieve twenty sparks. Additionally, he was provided the job of lighting up the lighthouse besides ensuring that the sun shines again. At the time of their journey, these players would confront five Guardians and they would help them in discovering Cuisine, Nature, Design, Performance, and Art.

Towards the finishing of the journey, the players get a surprise; they do take place of Elio and become the novice Lighthouse Keeper intending to protect the treasures of the country. However, initially, they will be required to pass nearly one hundred puzzle game levels and each one of them features a 3-dimensional reconstruction of awe-inspiring landmarks. Additionally, they will discover the cities and castles, mountains and coasts, and the myths and traditions of a particular country. This game features baroque to opera to well-known movie soundtracks and the original scores that are included in this game are inspired by the great classics.

Gamers will come across a collection of six hundred articles, news, fun facts, and stories and this video game does also works in the form of a travel guide. Additionally, it happens to be informative for schools too that teach students foreign languages.

·         Sleeping Dogs – Gamers love to play this game as they can experience high-speed car chases that go through busy streets. And when you turn highly frantic, then you can wander and enjoy some serene sunsets while enjoying the bobbing up and down of the houseboats on the horizon. You can also experience underground gambling dens, bylanes that are filled with Cantonese-speaking people, and karaoke bars.

Y     You can also explore a free browser game called Drift Hunters .

·         Forza Horizon 4 – This game has emerged from a sequence that has been derived from photorealistic and well-realized words. It opted to set its courses and racetracks all across English countrysides. This game is a road-tip that you can opt to take from your home. The notable thing about this game is the locations and courses of this game have been crafted for providing gamers an English flavor and every pothole and traffic sign will immerse their attention via the dynamic weather technology and it will allow them to be satisfied with the capricious climate of some places.

·         Grand Theft Auto V – Grand Theft Auto V has been redubbed “Los Santos”. This has been done for fitting with the tongue-in-cheek spoof that becomes the tale of GTA V. While playing this game, gamers will come across barbells and squat racks and even the winding roads that take them all across the palatial mansions that belong to the famous and rich. When you explore this game, you will never come across a dull moment and this is the secret behind the huge popularity of this game amount countless gamers.

·         Escape from Tarkov – This is an MMO-RPG and 1st-person action game that keeps players on the edge of their seats with each match. As this game started with its beta, countless players have got to the stage being mindful of being victorious. They are needed to take control of their character with a mission to survive as well as snag the finest resources for themselves. While playing, you will find scavengers to cross your path and you will be required to defeat them when you wish to escape.

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