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How Videos Can Increase Your Website Conversion Rate: 5 Reasons, Factors, and Types


Video content has taken over the internet in 2021. Not just on social media and platforms like YouTube; but also on websites and landing pages. They are a simple way to explain a lot of information in a short time.

The advantage of a visual and audio medium makes these an incredible tool for compelling content creations.

Here are five reasons to embrace videos, learn how to make the most out of them, and what videos you can bring to the table.

5 Reasons to Use Videos on Your Website

     It is statistically apparent that using videos on your landing page can enhance your conversion rate by as high as 80%. This is based on research conducted with marketers before and after using videos.

     More than 50% of all markets have said that video content is their go-to content source for a noticeable change in ROI. This is also because the cost of video content creation has reduced drastically in the last five years.

     A video can encourage users to stay on a site longer. An attractive two-minute video can enhance your user's attention on the website and give a boost to purchasing products.

     An embedded video on a page works in favor of a search engine algorithm. Google will rank your website and page visibility right here search results merely for having videos on your site.

     A product sold using a video is four-hundred times more likely to convert into a sale; when compared to any other form of content.

5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Using Videos

Once you start using videos on your website, here are a few parameters that can help you derive the most from this practice.

Use Data Effectively

Data collection is an excellent tool for user segregation and marketing automation. When accurately tracked and sorted, the data collected from videos can help you in retargeting ads, improving website functions, and much more.

You can also perform a series of A/B tests using multiple variations of the same video to understand what forms are giving you better retention and increased sales conversion. These factors are video length, call to action, location on the site, and much more.

Accurate Video Editing

Depends on a reliable video editor, either online or offline, to ensure the best quality output. Online editors come with pre-made templates that provide your videos perfectly to match the size of your website.

Creating videos is easy nowadays by using the best online video editor tool. Their template-based program allows anyone to make a video without prior knowledge of editing. These tools can make it easy for the user to create videos by using templates, images, music, etc., and allow you to export videos.

Focus on Smaller Details

While making the video is one of the critical factors, you should also pay attention to all the other factors that come with it. For example, the thumbnail, the keywords, the metadata, and the title all help enhance your page rank.

Simply having a custom-made thumbnail can enhance the click rate to over 34%.

Lead Them to the Product

The end goal of these endeavors is to lead your audience to a sale. This change is only possible with the right kind of CTA, call to action. Both the end of the video and the complementing text should make the purpose of the video clear.

You can also use the same videos across channels. A video made for the website does not need to remain only on the landing page. You can also share these videos on social media and other channels.

Focus on a Few Good Videos

You cannot flood your website with videos solely for its beliefs. Pick a handful of options with videos and make them as good as you can. You do not want to make your website heavy with unwanted videos.

You also want to remain mindful of your audience's time. Below are a few ideas that any brand can use. Check out which one makes the most sense for your business.

5 Types of Videos You Should Use on Your Website

Product Videos

One of the most used forms of videos on a website is a product film. These are short films that explain and highlight the product or service. The aim is to use the visual qualities of a video to better showcase the product.

Keep these videos short and to the point. They must provide the best features and create a lasting impression in the mind of the user. Think of these videos as a supplement to a long and elaborate product description.


An explainer is a video that brings out the key features of your product, usually the USP. The video aims to bring out the problem and explain how your product can become a solution to it.

Many brands also use these videos to explain the product features further to educate the end-users. Such a video is especially helpful in a B2B service category.

People Behind the Scenes

Rather than having a boring about-us page, use small videos, animations, and storytelling to present a fun image of your team. Make small videos about the working of your company, explain your company culture, and much more.  

Daily Vlogs

These videos are very popular with industries and small businesses. These videos show the behind-the-scenes and working of a factory or workplace. For example, a restaurant can create videos about the kitchen or the making of a recipe.

Such small videos go on an additional page of the website and help the user connect with the brand. These can also answer FAQs and clear the most vivid doubts of the users.

The same videos are also usable on social media for bettering your reach with an altered call to action.

Brand Story

The brand story video is helpful to build trust in the minds of the user about your brand. These aim to spark an emotion more than educate or inform. The brand videos are personal, driven by storytelling, and aim to explain the brand's journey. 

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