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Types of SEO



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a company's organic internet marketing. These companies are offered SEO packages by these Internet Marketing Agencies which allow you to market your business organically or for free on the internet. And also make sure you choose the type of SEO that will provide the best possible results for your business.

 Following are four main types of SEO techniques:

 1. White Hat SEO

 White hat SEO techniques are the best way to improve your SEO ranking over time and optimize. These are the tactics that Google recommends to help your website rank higher in the results. These techniques include:

 • Creating Quality Content – ​​Quality content brings valuable leads to your site who are interested in your business.

 • HTML Optimization: If you clean up your website's code, your website will perform better. This includes practices like cleaning up messy code, removing whitespace, and trimming down unnecessary text. This helps your website perform better.

 • Sharing on social networks: Social networks help you drive traffic to your website. You can increase your website engagement and drive potential customers to your site. It helps you to improve your ranking. Black Hat SEO techniques use search algorithms to achieve higher rankings.

 Some companies use black hat SEO techniques because they get quick results. People want instant gratification without putting in too much work. There are numerous tactics that fall under the black hat:

 • Link spamming

 • Keyword stuffing

 • Cloaking

 • Hidden text/links


 • Over-optimizing HTML headers

 • Copying Content

 • Buy Links

 Search engines will penalize your business and even ban your website from appearing in relevant search results. Since Google only wants to produce relevant search results, it will ban people from trying to take shortcuts to get to the top of the rankings.

 2. Gray Hat SEO

 These SEO techniques are not banned by Google, but they are not considered an acceptable way to get leads. Companies that offer grey SEO techniques lower their costs because they use questionable methods.

 3. Negative SEO

 It is not committed by your company, but by someone else. You will see negative SEO scenarios between companies and their competitors.

 When you see a company using negative SEO, they are trying to tarnish their competitors' reputations. Companies use black and grey hat techniques to harm competitors' businesses. They implement these techniques to lower a company's rank so they can improve theirs. 

How to select a company with good SEO packages?

Every company has designed its SEO packages in its way. Each business basically puts the same services differently. Also, each business has different names for them.

However, the following are some factors that you should take into consideration before choosing the right SEO package which are: 

1.      Services: If you don’t have the services required, then no sense to proceed with SEO packages So check the SEO plan that you are choosing. 

2.      Domain-Specific: The package should serve your business size or domain. Your package should align with your business goals and that’s the way SEO marketing should be conducted.

3.      Cost: SEO packages costs can vary from region to region, from one agency to another and from business to business. So do your research before choosing one

4.      Company Profile: You have to visit the company website and look at its accomplishments. Look at their experience and SEO work and discuss your package with them face to face.

5.      Emphasis On Tools And Data: You have to make sure to know the tools the marketing agency is going to utilize on your SEO campaigns. Your SEO package should make use of advanced tools (paid and unpaid).


So, we can conclude that SEO is huge in the digital marketing world, and also it encompasses numerous strategies. However, we have discussed the types of SEO packages.

So, you know what to look for when buying SEO packages. If you want more advanced marketing services, get ready to pay more and look for basic services This SEO package will help you to build a business and achieve your goals.

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