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Add another accessory to your wardrobe – get classy hats!

 You tried several head accessories, but nothing seems to fit appropriately? Oversized heads call for bigger hats to get maximum head protection and comfort. You do not have to sulk if your head size is larger than 60cm. Many hat manufacturers offer some of the finest male head accessories for all sizes and shapes of the skull. 

Hats and caps are not just clothing accessories; it is more than that. It adds cover to the most crucial part of the human body. Hats are ideal for protection from extreme climatic conditions. Whether it is winter that calls for jackets, scarves, gloves, and beanie hats or summer, which requires sunglasses and summer hats for protection from heat – Hats and caps are essential.

Here are some of the fashionable men headcovers 

Fedora hats 
– This is one of the most famous male accessories that you can spot in any thriller movie. Fedora hats are made of wool or cashmere and are ideal for winter wear. Boast with confidence by wearing it for any formal or semi-formal occasion. There are a lot of neutral shades available, but you can always select solid bold colors. 

These are ideal for men with bigger heads as the crown circumference is large. You have sizes M to 3XL to pick from.

Trilby – For a stunning look, all you need is a Trilby hat. Do not confuse the Fedora hat with Trilbies as it is a remarkably similar style. Trilby is the synonym of style and was popular among younger men. It holds a special place in men's closets as it is a little pricey. You must have one of the luxury male accessories that match the perfect outfit.

However, Trilbies are light weighted and comfortable headcovers for the spring season. Made of animal felt or cashmere, these are great for men with rounder crowns. Get large and extra-large sizes for a perfect fit.

Panama hat – Your search for perfect big hats for men will end with Panama hats. Get the effortlessly smart look with this masculine headgear. The Panama hats are very suitable for tropical to hot weather. 

Traditional Panama hats made with leaves and natural material from palm trees are classical. However, large contemporary hats are breathable, lightweight, and very stylish. These hats are a great match with summer wear - basic linen shirts and polo t-shirts with comfy pants. 

Bowler hat – Bowel hats are inspired by 19th century English menswear fashion. Although it was popular amongst upper-classmen with changes in fashion, it is a luxury male accessory. You can get a classy look on adorning this amazingly cool and comfortable hat.

The bowler hat is amazingly comfortable and suitable for men with large crowns. It is noticeably light and breathable. You can style it with a solid-colored waistcoat to leave that classic touch.

Snapback cap – Want a cool and casual look? Get a snapback cap to complete the 90s fashion. These are wide boxy-shaped flat headcovers for big heads. Some of the incredibly famous brands have promoted their brands by releasing snapback head accessories. 

The snapback is ideal for both formal and casual wear styling. You can get any words or messages printed on snapback hats to add one bespoke designer accessory to your wardrobe. 

Dad hat – Another very cool and smart style of the headcover is the Dad hat. Traditionally, these funky hats were made with cotton or poplin fabric. You can get a groovy look by styling this comfortable large hat with casual wear. The back comes with extendable straps, which adds more room for thick hair or men with big heads. This summer, try these hats to protect from scorching UV rays and keep the scalp dry during humid conditions.

Sherpa hats – If you are looking for suitable male winterwear that protects the head and the ears from frosty weather, then Sherpa hats are the best. Animal skin and fur are the primary materials in designing winter hats.

You may not be comfortable wearing animal leather and fur, and then opt for faux fur and suede. These are very cozy and warm to shield from snow, wintery winds, and light showers.

Get a comfortable fit with the right size!

The bigger head required larger hats. You must measure the crown part of the head correctly before making any decision. Just use any measuring tape to encircle the head's widest part and get an accurate measurement. Standard hats are less than 58 centimeters. However, any head circumference larger than 57cm is a big head and will have to select bigger headgears.

There are one-size hats but always check the cap specifications before buying one. The internal rim shape is circular and must match your head size. Do not mix up the outer rim of the cap as its actual size. Getting accurate size is not difficult; check the right hat collection. 

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