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How to Create Professional Ad Collage Photos for Free


Today, people hang out a lot online whether for business or personal reasons. If you want to capture their attention, you need stunning digital prints that tantalize the eyes. Thankfully, you can use a collage maker online for free like the one featured in this link. Collages use images and text to tell a touching story. Whether you want to showcase your new store or explain how to use your products, a collage proves to be the perfect medium. Best of all, you can make it look pristine and professional-looking.

Collages send viewers on a sensory journey, which a single image cannot do on its own. You can tell a touching story that resonates with the heart, ensuring everyone who sees the collage pays attention. With the right tools, you even newbies can customize collages with funky colors, text, stickers, and more. A collage maker online also provides pre-made templates to get you started. Moreover, you get access to thousands of stock images to fill in any gaps. Check out these 7 steps, to help you get started in making digital ads, banners, photo cards, mood boards, and more to share with everyone.

Step 1: Sign Up For a Free Account

Ready to start college make? The first thing you have to do is sign up for a free account using a collage maker online. You can use your laptop, desktop, or even mobile phone. Other than that, you also need a stable internet connection to do your projects. Since everything can be done virtually, you are free to do your projects no matter where you are. It offers total convenience especially if you feel excited to share all the images on your phone gallery.

After signing up with your Facebook account or email, you are free to use the tools. Doing so gives you access to the seamless dashboard and toolbars. Even newbies don’t have to worry because the easy user interface is designed to help you thrive online.

Step 2: Select a Pre-Designed Template

You can totally begin from scratch or you can make your life a lot easier with a pre-designed template. This makes it very easy to finish your projects because you’ve got layouts ready to be filled with your photos. You can choose from many different template designs like:

     Save the Date


     Buy One Take One

     Latest Sales

     Happy Holidays

     Hot Deal

     Clearance Sale

     Authentic Products

You can choose from numerous templates to find the best one that helps you promote your business. Thus, with this collage maker online at your disposal, you can certainly grow your business to greater heights.

Step 3: Select and Drop The Best Photos

After deciding on the best template that suits your purpose, just click on the “+” button on the individual photo grids. From there, you can readily add photos from the menu. You can choose from the following sources:

     My Uploads

     Gadget Photo Library



As you can see, your collage maker online makes it very easy to use your own photos whether from the USB or another website. On top of that, you can pick from a wide range of copyright-free images to spruce up your layout. In case you have missing shots, you can pick from there to polish off everything. Moreover, it is very easy to replace or change photos if you feel like it. Just choose one from your photo bucket then switch things out. Simple!

Step 4: Add Fun Stickers For Added Appeal

The best thing about collages is you can add stickers and cute clip arts. Your collage maker online tool has plenty of stickers to make your project more exciting. You will find vibrant and attention-grabbing CTAs (calls to action) to help catch leads and increase sales. For example, you can take your pick from the following stickers:

     Half price

     Buy now

     Special offer


     New item

     Clearance sale

     Premium quality guaranteed

     Authentic product

Remember, resist the urge to add tons of stickers because it can be overwhelming. Instead, pick something appropriate that fits your goals. Stickers come in various designs and color schemes, so choose one that fits your overall company theme. Most of all, be strategic about the sticker placement so you can enhance the efficacy of your ad. Use it to create a sense of urgency so that viewers will grab your hot deal.

Step 5: Add Stylish Elements

Just because you used a template from your collage maker's online library doesn’t mean you can no longer personalize your work. In fact, you can add tons of stylish elements as a finishing touch. You can boost the look of your project by adding the following:

  1. Rounded Corners: Remove the sharp edges of the photos by rounding the corners for a more fluid look.
  1. Adjust Frames: You can adjust the frames and borders of your digital design. Make them narrow or wider with a click of a mouse. You can even remove the space between the frames if you want to.
  1. Background Colors: Bring more life to your project by changing the background color to reflect your brand’s signature hues. You can choose from the color wheel and select what you like. Just remember to make sure the colors match the tones of the pictures that you used.


Step 6: Review and Edit the Project

Since you are promoting your brand, you cannot afford to make mistakes. You want your college ads to look their best. After all, professionals don’t make errors in the ads they release online because this can affect your credibility.

Thus, after styling your project, you must review your work and do a final run-through. Check the following details:

     Does the project meet your goals?

     Are the products highlighted well?

     Does the big picture look stunning?

     Are there any spelling mistakes?

It is your job to make sure that the final piece is convincing enough to attract and convince your target market to patronize your brand. Hence, you must tweak your work to perfection to ensure you are also satisfied with the final outcome.

And Lastly, Unveil Your Collage Maker Online Final Product

Finally, once you are done with your project, you can immediately share it on social media, your website, or even via emails. You can also opt to save it for distribution later. Once you have the file, you can print posters, brochures, and coupons for your real-life store. Similarly, you can incorporate digital elements in your e-commerce shop. The collage maker online proffers flexibility so you can maximize your marketing campaigns. 

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