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How DevOps is Pushing Web App Development Ahead in 2021


There are several ways DevOps is pushing web app development ahead in 2021. According to recent surveys, IT teams that implemented the DevOps culture in their organization was able to deploy over 20x more often than in their previous approach. In addition, teams significantly lowered their failure rate and improved the overall company culture. As a web development manager, you need to know how switching to the DevOps methodology can advance your agency's success. This way, you can better understand why DevOps is a critical component in accelerating the web app development process. Read on to discover how DevOps is pushing web app development ahead in 2021. 

Quality & Reliability

First, the DevOps approach can improve the quality and reliability of your company's web applications. Typically, this methodology changes the way that organizations perform their traditional software testing. Organizations often test their program throughout various stages of the SDLC. This works to distribute responsibility across engineers. Simultaneously, web application functionality is checked more frequently, which lowers the risk of errors. In addition, DevOps systems can function more seamlessly than other environments. By improving availability and service connectivity, DevOps adoption works to increase reliability across web development companies. Definitely, the methodology is pushing web app development ahead with its reliable services for mobile app, custom software, and full stack development teams. 


Next, automation is another core factor driving success for DevOps web app development teams. Notably, many organizations use advanced automation tools to accelerate their build, testing, and deployment processes. For example, you can enroll in JFrog Artifactory's DevOps course to learn how to automate your builds and deployments using a binary repository. Often, web app developers who use open source dependencies need to store their files and resources inside these repositories. In addition, web app developers commonly use these tools to improve speed, reliability, and data integrity for their CI/CD infrastructure. In short, automation is pushing web app development agencies ahead in 2021.

Iterative Development

In addition, DevOps is driving web app development companies' success through iterative development. Importantly, iterative development breaks down the software development process into smaller cycles. With this approach, developers usually develop feature code and test it in repeated cycles. Then, they can add and design more features until the application is ready for deployment. Notably, iterative development allows for more customer feedback throughout the process. Often, this works to speed up the development timeline. Simultaneously, iterative development offers advantages for clients with frequent updates to their pages. For example, many e-commerce web applications need to add new features and expand their product lines. Absolutely, iterative development is driving success for web app development companies.


Moreover, the DevOps methodology offers scalability for web application development teams. For example, custom development enterprises commonly use infrastructure as code to provision and manage their programs. Often, they may use version control software and continuous integration using cloud-based platforms. Since these cloud systems usually use an API-driven model, developers can interact with the infrastructure programs at scale. Indeed, they usually do not need to set up or configure resources manually. Simultaneously, they can deploy infrastructure and servers faster using standardized patterns. This is because engineers can treat the infrastructure similarly to application code.  Undoubtedly, DevOps ensures reliable scalability through this flexible resource management for web app development enterprises.

Improved Collaboration

Lastly, DevOps is driving success for web app development companies by improving collaboration. Notably, the DevOps model emphasizes communication between software developers and IT operations professionals. By bringing teams together in real-time, employees can get more feedback from one another throughout the software development pipeline. This allows teams to make rapid changes to their web applications. Simultaneously, they can keep a stable, robust environment. To implement this collaboration, many DevOps teams use chat and video calling platforms. Additionally, they may use project management software to assign tasks and increase transparency during the build process. Certainly, improved collaboration is pushing web app development companies ahead.  

There are several ways DevOps is pushing web app development ahead in 2021. First, DevOps offers high quality and reliability through extensive testing. Next, automation through artificial intelligence is another core factor driving the success web app teams. In addition, many companies benefit from iterative development, as they can improve customer interactions. Furthermore, DevOps can increase scalability through infrastructure as code practices. Lastly, you can improve collaboration by adopting the DevOps methodology. Consider these points to learn about how DevOps is pushing web app development ahead in 2021.

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